EZ Energizer

Africa’s trusted energizer for urban & industrial electric fence installations

Easy to install and even easier to maintain

The Robust Choice
Plug & Play installation
2 year warranty


  • High voltage live line monitoring with alarm
  • Gate (Auxiliary) monitoring with alarm
  • Siren and Strobe connections
  • Connect to armed response radio
  • Battery backup
  • Solar enabled
  • Lightning & power surge suppression built in
  • Easy to use optional LED keypad

Now available in 3 options

EZ 630

4 Joule energizer

  • Stored Energy: 6J
  • Backup time: 6 hrs
  • Battery Capacity 2.4ah

EZ 640

5 Joule energizer

  • Stored Energy: 8J
  • Backup time: 12 hrs
  • Battery Capacity 7ah

EZ 680

8 Joule energizer

  • Stored Energy: 15J
  • Backup time: 12 hrs
  • Battery Capacity 7ah


LED keypad

The LED keypad offers complete and secure control of the energizer at a location of up to 100m away.


  • Energizer remote operation (on/off/reset)
  • Multiple keypads can be connected to one energizer
  • Three level user interface with programmable codes
  • Adjust trigger voltage 
  • Adjust alarm delays
  • Adjust Siren time-out
  • Bypass alarm and aux outputs

Remote key switch

The EZ Range Remote Key switch is designed for easy installation, as well as being robust and resistant. It is extremely versatile and can be used on a number of energizers to add ease of use and extra functions to a new or existing system.


  • Operates on the EZ Range and ACE Range of energizers
  • Provides remote operation (on/off/reset) of the energizer
  • Indicates if the power supply to the energizer is functioning
  • Indicates whether the energizer is on or off
  • Indicates if the energizer is pulsing and if the return voltage is sufficient
  • Provides visual and audible warning of an alarm condition
  • Allows multiple user control of the energizer

Surge protect

The easy to install surge stop provides extra protection for any incoming power surges from the mains power.

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    IEC 60335-2-76

    CE declaration of conformity

    NRCS Letter of Authority (LOA)


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